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Stone Retaining Wall-Retaining Wall Pros of Port St. Lucie

Whenever someone needs to consider retaining walls for their properties, projects, lands, or any space and area, they usually think about the aesthetical part of them instead of the actual functionality and problem-solving factors they bring with them as part of structures that can retain soil, prevent erosion, and divert water. This is why in Port St. Lucie and other cities in Florida, stone retaining walls are quite among people and clients since they bring a great aesthetically pleasing result in any property and space where they are built. However, they need to be made of the best stones and placed properly if you want to gain all the benefits that come from retaining walls, regardless of their type. We at Retaining Wall Pros of Port St. Lucie understand what it takes to build a long-lasting and durable wall, including this favorite stone retaining wall in the state.

Retaining walls are not just for aesthetics whatsoever, so we want you to remember this unless you have hardscaping purposes in mind and other functions or specific reasons to build one don’t come to mind but rather just enhancing appearances and look in your land. Usually, they serve a primary purpose. This is why we will be vigilant and provide guidance throughout the entire process of choosing the right type for your project alone. Our goal is not only to give life to your land but also to resolve any issues that might arise from this element being built.

We will do our best to meet all your needs and deliver exceptional results. You might need a wall to enclose your property, and if you have any of these reasons in your hands and problems to deal with:

  • You should keep the soil from areas that are sloped or unstable.
  • Prevent soil erosion.
  • Assistance with water drainage and diverting.
  • Make new spaces and create areas that can be used.
  • Protect areas with steep slopes or hilly terrain and ensure safety.
  • Guarantee stability and support of roads and public areas.
  • Hardscaping can enhance the beauty of your space, so you choose retaining walls for a new addition.

With this last mention, we want to make clear that installing retaining walls for hardscaping purposes only isn’t wrong or bad. It is up to you, and we consider that, indeed, stone retaining walls look stunning for this task and purpose. However, the construction of these walls comes with the need to deal with soil erosion and water diverting from now on, even if you didn’t have those inconveniences before.

Why You Should Have a Stone Retaining Wall

Once you understand each type of retaining wall or at least listen to our recommendations and the options you have available, you will be able to determine whether a stone retaining wall is the right for you or not.

In many cases, people are too fixed on a single option but don’t understand that not all types of walls work the same for all spaces. This is why you should take the time to have our contractors provide guidance. Next, make a list and eliminate those options that don’t meet your criteria. Stone retaining walls should be the main or partial solution to the three top alternatives if you want to come up with a reason or answer to when you actually need or want to build one.

Stone walls can be used by both homeowners and business owners to enhance their landscaping and gardens. Stone walls are often chosen for their aesthetic appeal and not their practical or long-term benefits, as we have mentioned before. Sometimes this can lead to the opposite outcome you desire, and instead of having a long-lasting wall, you have one that looks pretty yet doesn’t help with all land issues.

Consider the reasons you are looking for this wall and go over the main pros or characteristics it brings:

You can provide little maintenance, and they will perform quite well with it as they are meant to last for decades with almost nothing to do from your side.

It can be used to prevent soil erosion and to drain or divert water correctly without sacrificing aesthetics, which is why you can get the best of both walls with this type of wall as long as the design and structure are appropriate.

Compared to other retaining walls, stone retaining walls add double the value as more homeowners, and commercial owners find them stunning and great additions for all functional reasons and problems that could arise.

What You Ought to Know

There are many types of stones available. This means that durability and construction materials can be very important and should be considered when choosing this option and going over the possibilities.

Stone retaining walls can be affected by weather conditions, quality materials, construction methods, and other factors. Groundwater source restrictions play an important role. It may prove more challenging to use this option if it is on steep terrain.

Our team will make sure that your stone wall lasts at least five decades and continues performing well after the “expiration date,” even when there’s not one at all. We are even striving for greater longevity. Our team uses only the finest materials and is always available to answer questions. We ensure that the design and structure can withstand any weather conditions as well as any pressures or weights they might encounter.

Take the time to go over all your questions with our team and take notes of the information and detail we share, so you feel confident about your decision to have this wall.

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