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Commercial Retaining Walls-Retaining Wall Pros of Port St. Lucie

When considering retaining walls, most people think about it for residential purposes, such as working with hardscaping and adding it to their outdoor spaces. However, each type of retaining wall has different purposes in terms of where they can be installed or built, and if you are a business or have other projects and places in your hands, such as commercial lands and specific areas, feel free to consider commercial retaining walls built by our team at Retaining Wall Pros of Port St. Lucie for these main reasons:

  • Preventing all the soil erosion in the area.
  • Drain or divert water to prevent landslides or the water from stagnating in slopes and difficult or unwanted spaces.
  • Retaining soil to create new usable spaces or just handle constructions and being able to bring a new design to the commercial property.

We have assisted many individuals and companies in designing large-scale retaining walls of all types that mainly provide support and stability. We can also help with soil and water problems on your site and think about the perfect wall for these main issues. This includes excavations and construction sites and later helping with the aesthetical factor.

When a retaining wall is built, we want it to be affordable but attractive to the eye and ensure that it can attract people’s attention besides having it installed to deal with your regular issues. 

We are able to design and engineer earth retention systems that can be used with walls. These systems can be used for creating or preserving spaces in commercial buildings, allowing for construction on hills and providing the possibility to work in special areas and roads. As mentioned, they provide safety and stability for all members. We guarantee this because our experienced and skilled retaining wall contractors will take care of everything and ensure that you can get the top results regardless of the commercial retaining wall you choose.

Many businesses and commercial property owners request walls to surround their buildings today, and this is because they can enhance the appearance and attractiveness of their properties while having an effect that will attract more customers in the long run. But while they benefit from this aspect, this is done in order to prevent flooding and keep rainwater from entering the buildings as well, making sure that functionality and aesthetics are met with the hardscaping feature.

What Retaining Walls Can Be Built for Commercial Spaces or Properties?

Most people choose walls that can be built to the point of being tall and strong. They can be used for privacy and security and also tend to offer great support and stability if soil masses are involved in what needs to be retained and the amount of them.

Our team has designed many commercial retaining walls to give open spaces a new look, so it isn’t only about soil retention for solving problems in the area but also helping with the aesthetic part. If you don’t believe us, retaining walls in slopes or where landslides can take place are often used to prevent them and divert water, but they also add a great appearance to the entire scenario. We want you to be free to use it however you wish, as long as it is not detrimental to your commercial or business property.

Walls that prevent erosion and divert water will be our main focus, or more like these factors and solutions will be what makes us help you when selecting the right type of retaining wall. The main types that help with them are made from reinforced concrete sheet piles or concrete rubble. They may be tall or medium, depending on the terrain and size of the commercial lawn.

There are many options for retaining walls, both commercial and in areas that are still being built. It all depends on your landscape design and personal preferences.

It is crucial to make sure that all requirements are met and that there are no future problems. The aesthetics of your project are also important. The previous list should be considered if you have any other concerns or needs.

It is crucial to assess your space and take a look at the surrounding landscape. We can help you decide on the right retaining wall or guide you through this process.

Clients are more concerned with aesthetics than long-term durability and performance in many cases, and we understand this. We have more than 20 years of industry experience and can guarantee that the final product will satisfy both client requirements and preferences.

Your budget is important to us. Therefore, recommendations for the best retaining walls will be based on your preferences and how you plan to tackle this project based on what is the amount you can spend.

What to Look for When Choosing Retaining Walls

Although design and functionality are crucial factors in building a wall’s structure, the price can also be a major factor.

As you might already know, retaining walls can be expensive. These walls can be costly due to the labor and materials required, but costs and prices will vary depending on the type of wall, its size, height, and other variables. Before you make any decisions, we can provide estimates.

Prices for retaining walls range from $19 to $49/sq. foot to $50-300 per sq. foot. 

Retaining Wall Pros of Port St. Lucie uses concrete and stone to build commercial retaining walls in most cases unless the wall requested is a masonry one or sheet pile design and type. Only the best quality materials are used regardless of the type it is, so you can rest assured that longevity and durability will be guaranteed. 

We can negotiate lower prices and make our own products so businesses can build walls without having their budgets or estimates compromised. 

Once we visit the area, our team will give you an estimate if you provide as much information as possible or just allow us to assess it to determine what needs to be done, how, and what it will take.

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