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Gravity Retaining Walls-Retaining Wall Pros of Port St. Lucie

Trying to decide which is the best type of retaining wall will be a hassle as each type essentially meets all needs when it comes to preventing soil and diverting water. Many don’t consider that they can perform better in different spaces and properties. In other words, it is fair to say that each type has its pros and cons. This is why it is a matter of choosing the one that adapts better to your needs and preferences. Some construction sites, for instance, may prefer gravity retaining walls because of their retention properties and how outstanding they are. In contrast, residential owners may prefer stone retaining walls because of their looks. At Retaining Wall Pros of Port St. Lucie, we make sure you are happy with your selection, and for it, we navigate the process.

Gravity retaining walls, in particular, have been built for more than 18 years by our team. We can assure you that they will be the best choice for your property, land, or space if we are able to offer guidance and information regarding your situation and what could be the right option based on them. We consider that they have the potential to be placed anywhere because the stability and support offered depends on their own weight, and the engineering behind it helps with the entire purpose of retaining more soil masses as needed.

In terms of their function and engineering, gravity retaining walls work exactly like gravity, which is why it isn’t hard to understand. These walls are strong enough to withstand heavy soil loads and don’t need additional elements such as steel bars or anchors like cantilever walls or anchored walls.

It can be hard to manage lateral forces whatsoever. This is especially true if your projects are frequently heavier than others or if you want to create new areas with greater soil content in certain places.

Gravity walls can be used to prevent terrain and slopes from collapsing due to the vertical forces generated by the wall’s mass. To design and build gravity walls, you need experience and knowledge. Hire professionals with engineering and design experience to ensure that you don’t compromise the whole project, structure, slope, or location where gravity walls are being built and if you want to ensure everyone is safe in the area.

We Know What It Takes to Build Them

Although it looks simple due to its lack of supporting materials, it is actually more difficult to build and repair gravity walls than most retaining wall options in the industry. Hence, it can be challenging to control the wall’s overturning and sliding as well as its bearing capacity in order to retain soil and achieve the desired result that won’t affect the soil retention nor water diverting even if topography or external circumstances take place and stop contributing to the original building of the wall.

This is why retaining wall contractors need to be confident about what they can do with the wall and if they can take on the task. Otherwise, they will build or deal with walls that will end up collapsing in no time.

To understand the severity of the issue and how the wall should be built, these are all the factors involved in the science and engineering of gravity walls.

  • To achieve the desired result, it is necessary to accurately calculate the wall’s ability to slide against the soil’s horizontal force.
  • The gravity wall’s ability to overcome rotational forces is called “overturning” and needs to be calculated right. Otherwise, the wall will collapse without even starting.
  • Bearing capacity is the ability of an object/structure to support weight and retain soil. It should provide additional stability even when the weight it supports is much more than its own weight.
  • Global stability is the support and stability provided through gravity walls that are based upon past abilities and other factors during engineering.

All of them must be integrated into the plan to guarantee the final result is not only good-looking but also safe and long-lasting, as most gravity retaining walls are used in construction spaces or commercial areas where large projects take place.

We Build It Wherever It Is Needed

You can build retaining walls anywhere you have enough space or need to deal with soil and water. In the end, it is all about adapting the size and making sure it is perfect for the place where it will be installed to guarantee the best performance. Gravity retaining walls aren’t an exception to where they can be placed.

Gravity walls can be visually striking in many cases but also serve a valuable and functional purpose. It’s all about deciding whether the design is right for you and if it will be a good fit for your project. There is a style and design for everyone, and other types could be better for the retention and draining aspects.

Gravity retaining walls are used to stop soil erosion, divert or drain water or create new beds in steep terrain, while hardscaping alone is a purpose that is valid by our clients. These walls can serve many purposes, but if you need a grade of relevance, it is important to achieve the desired results without worrying about how they will look first before you deal with soil and water issues.

This type of wall is best used in areas with large soil masses. When you are putting the wall up, it is important to ensure that the soil does not block sidewalks or roads. Our role is crucial here, and we will guarantee the best result and design for each area.

Retaining Wall Pros of Port St. Lucie will gladly assist you in building them where you need them. If you’re not comfortable with a gravity retaining wall, there are other options. It’s not about the aesthetics of the wall but also what it offers your project and safety and if you are happy in every aspect, including the cost and if your budget allows for it.

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